Extract The Fear

I detach. I need to detach from my thoughts. Specifically today when I’m going to the dentist to get my second tooth extracted. I already went through it but there is still some fear attached to it. Some fear of pain, some fear of death. I already wrote down my Premortem Via Negativa scenario. This […]

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Slay The Dragon

Now today I feel like writing. I broke my rule of only two coffees a day. This is the third one. The weather is shitty, muddy, rainy, gritty. But is it? If you look at objectively, meaning without the „I”, than it’s only the weather. It’s natural for the rain to come and purify the […]

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Will power and focus

This net-book is now just a typewriter. These letters and a glass of wine. They mix very well. One cup, not two. My will power needs to be forged. It needs to be forged in the fire of laziness and procrastination, and that fire is always burning deep inside. A diamond needs pressure and temperature to […]

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Box of matches

​It’s like, when I want to write, I feel that I have nothing to say, but now, when I have nothing to say, I might just write. It’s crazy how things get stuck in a karmic circle of life. Some people want to read books, some people want to write books, some people want to […]

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As I breathe, I dive into the ocean The pigeon on the windowsill The sound of me being still It now makes sense I’ve lost this skill Long time ago, when I was a boy The fourth dimension seem like a toy There were no Gods There was just me Swimming in the darkness That […]

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I can smell the thunder. The sky is touching the earth. The earth is kissing the sky. A forbidden love. Stronger than the Gods. Roaring freely. The wind breaks the silence, bending the weak. Rain pours down like sun rays in the desert. I sit and I listen. This is it.

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A spliff with kief, runs over me. Like a Roman Charriot. No seconds to waste. Wine smoothens the taste. The animal sleeps now. The journey is deep now. Falling away like paint. Ego was full of THAT pain.

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