As prescribed by my personal doctor: Tim Ferris, I am writing these 200 words per day. I used to write two crappy pages per day, but that often just came out as gibberish trash. I sit with a Nespresso, sugar cane colored foam floating on top of the warm beverage. I never liked hot coffee. […]

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Snake Charmer

Fear has been defined as many things, but somehow none of the definitions have been applicable to my life. Seems to me, that for every person that is living in this dimension, fear will have a unique definition. It’s like a bag of snakes that we carry with us on our backs, all of the […]

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I have discovered an essential part of myself that I was not aware of before. My trip to Amsterdam has redefined my human animal. I now know that the ability to adopt to a new environment is the key element for my happiness and development. Morphing requires pain and suffering. It’s a test, a struggle, […]

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The Mountain Within

It’s 10;46 PM on a hot Saturday when I’m beginning to write. Not entirely sober. A beer in my glass. No hard liqueur. Just a cold beer. While other people are out partying, I’m sitting here doing the work. I’m doing what needs to be done. I feel like I own this to myself for […]

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My Plastic Lover

I know the layout of this keyboard so well that I can write with my eyes closed. No really, I can. Perhaps my keyboard knows me too. We been together for over 5 years now. It’s a love and hate relationship kind of thing. Sometimes I use her to jack off, sometimes I use her […]

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Do The Work

Today I’m writing with a pint of beer. Let’s see how this goes. I tried writing with coffee, it ended up in a buzzy swarm of sentences. I tried writing with wine, that put me to sleep really quickly. Here we go. So, you were born on a specific day. Do you know what day […]

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The Countdown

I used to hate it, I used to hate having a plan. Now I see that writing out a daily plan, either in the morning or at night is necessary in order to preserve time. I tried many time management techniques before, none of them worked. Why? Because time is fluent, it moves, life is […]

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