Snake Charmer

Fear has been defined as many things, but somehow none of the definitions have been applicable to my life. Seems to me, that for every person that is living in this dimension, fear will have a unique definition. It’s like a bag of snakes that we carry with us on our backs, all of the time, everywhere. Everybody has their own unique species of snakes. Over time, if there are too many snakes in that bag, the weight will pin us to the ground.

Fear is an emotion, it’s an invisible physiological feeling. You can feel it in your gut, your chest, even your head. If you give it a physical form, over time you can train yourself to see it creep up, before it bites.

Be like a snake charmer.

One of the ways to dismantle a snake is to examine it. Look at the snakes head, keep going down until you reach the end of the tail. This is the origin of your fear. Face it. Look at it. Feel it. Accept it.

– Ape



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