The Mountain Within

It’s 10;46 PM on a hot Saturday when I’m beginning to write. Not entirely sober. A beer in my glass. No hard liqueur. Just a cold beer. While other people are out partying, I’m sitting here doing the work. I’m doing what needs to be done. I feel like I own this to myself for all of the years wasted partying.

Will is indestructible. What does will feel like? It’s that feeling you get, when you don’t want to do something (you feel physical resistance holding you down), but the moment you sit down to do it (the work), an amazing, warm calm spills out on your inside. You grabbed time by the balls! You sat down and by doing just that, you chopped off the head of that lazy mother fucking beast. You gained momentum. The battle is won for today, but tomorrow, you will face the beast again. The more momentum you gain, the sharper your sword becomes, the sharper the sword, the easier it gets to chop off that head.

Will is something that is sitting just behind the eyes, ready to get shit done, no matter the circumstances. It’s waiting for You to slow down your mind just enough, so it can take over and guide you onto the path of fulfillment and growth.

Will is unbreakable. The body might break down, the mind might be cluttered with thoughts of self doubt, frustration and anger. It might be raging like an eye of a cyclone, making up anxieties about the future and recalling failures of the past. But will? Oh no my friend. Will is like a mountain. It cannot be moved even by the biggest tornado. No cyclone produced by the mind is powerful enough to even scratch the surface of your will. It’s sitting there, listening, waiting for you to use it.

Will is a superpower. It’s like a seed of greatness, a seed that will grow no matter how much shit you spray on it. It will grow no matter how disrespectful your ego is to your true self. It will grow in the hottest desert, the worst climate. It’s a seed made up of white light. When you feel empty inside, remember that behind the darkness, there is light. Darkness without light would not exist. Focus on your heart, locate a little point of light shining outward deep within. Feel it. This is you. This is your home.

My seed has cracked but the roots are not reaching down into the soil. They are reaching up, to the cosmos, to the divine. Tapping into your will power is occult knowledge. It’s hidden from you because this force is powerful beyond anything you imagine. It takes time to find your will power but just one drop, one sip of this potion, will zap your mind, your body and your spirit and restore harmony.

I think that the mission, the goal, the destination for a human being is growth. Grow yourself a soul, grow yourself an ego, forge your own human experience, your dogma, your “religion”. Tap into your hidden powers. Grow and bloom my friend.


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